The Wood Green Animal Shelter

St. Augustine's Church, Richmond Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PS

Monika Maintz will chart the history of Wood Green, the well-known local Animals Charity, from its foundation 90 years ago to the modern animal welfare organisation it is today, re-homing thousands of pets every year. This talk will provide a clear insight into the charity, its objectives and the services it offers to the public.

This talk is part of the Autumn 2016 series of events at St. Augustine's Church. All events are held at St Augustine’s Church and Community Centre in Richmond Road and are open to all. A small charge or retiring collection may be made where fees are requested by speakers or performers, or where there are unfunded expenses. A complimentary glass of wine or fruit juice and nibbles are served at most events.
The programme is supported by Richmond, Oxford and Windsor Roads Residents’ Associations, and put together by St Augustine’s Church.

The full programme can be viewed and downloaded here.