Asteroids, Aliens and Artificial Intelligence:The World of Existential Risk

St. Augustine's Church, Richmond Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PS

From visions of Judgement Day carved in the stone of medieval churches, through the 19th century Martian invasion of HG Wells, to modern day films of asteroid impacts, our culture is replete with references to catastrophes with the potential to engulf humanity. This talk by Lieutenant Commander John Ash RN (ret) of the Scott Polar Research Institute describes the nature of these “existential” risks and the extent to which they might be managed – and explores whether we owe a duty of care to our descendants.

This is one of the Autumn series of short talks and recitals at St. Augustine's. The full programme can be downloaded here. A small charge or retiring collection may be made where fees are requested by speakers or performers, or where there are unfunded expenses. A complimentary glass of wine or fruit juice and nibbles are served at most events. The programme is supported by Richmond, Oxford and Windsor Roads Residents’ Associations, and put together by St Augustine’s Church.