Your Cambridge Heritage lectures

St. Giles' Church, Castle St., Cambridge CB3 0AQ

This is a series of free lectures hosted by the Friends of St. Giles' Church, given every second Thursday of the Month at 11am in St Giles' Church. Refreshments are served from 10.30 am. Full details of each lecture are normally given three weeks in advance.

11th January - A College Porter - "What does a Porter do all day?"
8th February - Alison Taylor - "A Thousand Years in the life of Cambridge Castle"
8th March - Helen Strudwick - "Egyptology Today"
12th April - Franco Basso - "Death and Immortality in Homer's Iliad"
10th May - An Astronomer - Astronomy
14th June - Evelyn Lord - "The Great Plague in Cambridge"
12th July - Geoff Dumbreck - "The Oxford Movement in Cambridge"
August 2018 - no speaker (Summer break)
September 2018 - Emma Bourne (Pastoral Assistant, Little St Mary's, Cambridge), on the Venerable Bede.
October 2018, Brian Mastin (Old Testament Scholar and Anglican Minister) on the Dead Sea Scrolls
November 2018 Zack Giuliano (Assistant Curate, St Bene't's Church, Cambridge on the Story of the Building
December 2018 Matthew Smith (Cambridge, Physicist) on James Clerk Maxwell