“Ascension” - an eclectic concert of music from Bach to the Beatles

Internationally renowned violinist Steve Bingham will give a concert including his trademark, eclectic mix of music:
• solo Bach and multi-tracked Telemann and Pachelbel for a baroque touch unaccompanied Piazzolla, alongside traditional and not-so traditional folk music from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Ireland
• world premieres of a new looping piece by Derek Paice and a new arrangement of 'All Along The Watchtower' (Bob Dylan) by Phil Toms
• pieces written for Steve by Andrew Keeling and Laurie Dunkin-Wedd,
• Steve's own arrangements of works by Philip Glass, George Harrison, Yes and Coldplay.
Steve has been described by The Independent as "This extraordinary performer".
Alongside Steve and a violin on stage, there will also be a 4-string electric violin, a 5-string electric violin, a laptop, midi pedals, a bass pedal unit and a child's bicycle horn! There will also be a guest appearance by professional violist Brenda Stewart.
A unique evening, not to be missed! For more information and to book tickets (£8 and £5) please visit www.stevebingham.co.uk.

St Giles'