Finding a lost medieval church of Cambridge: excavations of All Saints by the Castle

St. Giles' Church, Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

In the medieval period there were three churches on Castle Hill; St. Giles, St. Peter by the Castle and All Saints by the Castle. St. Giles survives as a parish church, while St. Peter still stands although it is now redundant. No trace of All Saints survives, but excavations in the 1970s uncovered over a hundred skeletons from its cemetery. These are currently being studied using state of the art scientific techniques. This talk will discuss the evidence for All Saints and the results of the ongoing analysis.

Craig Cessford,an archaeologist of the University of Cambridge, will deliver the March 'Your Cambridge Heritage' talk, organised by the Friends of St Giles’ Church.

This is one of a monthly series of free lectures hosted by the Friends of St. Giles' Church, given every second Thursday of the Month at 11am in St Giles' Church. Refreshments are served from 10.30 am. Full details of each lecture are normally given three weeks in advance.