Your Cambridge Heritage: 'Crisis in Cambridge 1630-1632'

St. Giles' Church, Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

The speaker is Dr Evelyn Lord of Wolfson College. In 1630 Cambridge was severely over-crowded, and an outbreak of plague in 1630 added to its problems. This talk, which is connected to the talk on The Great Plague in Cambridge given in St Giles in 2018, describes how town and gown came together to overcome these problems, and includes the story of one man, Henry Butts who, despite opposition, cared deeply about the town and the university. Tragically he attracted royal disapproval that, added to his experiences in the plague, resulted in a sad ending. In conclusion the malicious rumours and speculations about this event, by correspondents in Cambridge and outside will be discussed.
All are welcome to this free talk, hosted by the Friends of St Giles' Church. Refreshments from 10.30 am. Collection.

This is the last in a series of free lectures hosted by the Friends of St. Giles' Church, given every second Thursday of the Month at 11am in St Giles' Church. Refreshments are served from 10.30 am. Full details of each lecture are normally given three weeks in advance.

URGENT APPEAL: We are looking for a co-ordinator who would be able to find future speakers and liaise with them. If you are interested please contact the Parish Office: 01223 315000

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