Mar 24 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Finding W H Hudson: The Writer Who Came to Britain To Save The Birds

This is an event in the Spring 2023 programme of free talks and recitals at St Augustine’s for the local community. The full programme may be viewed HERE. All are welcome. Free entry, complimentary drinks and nibbles. A retiring collection may be held where requested by speakers or performers.

WH Hudson, one-time celebrated author and naturalist, played a key part in the creation of the RSPB and the rise of the modern day conservation movement. Conor Jameson reveals how this unschooled, impoverished, battle-scared immigrant from Argentina achieved what he did. He travels to Hudson’s homeland and discovers that he is remembered and celebrated there, links his life and legacy to today, and compares then and now. It’s a costume drama, with plenty of birds!